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Our Purpose

Strengthen and advocate for our communities and service providers to support the mental health and wellbeing of all Tasmanians.

Our Vision

Every Tasmanian has access to the resources and support needed for good mental health and wellbeing.

Our Role

  • Provide leadership by advocating for continuous improvement across all facets of mental health and suicide prevention.
  • Provide trusted advice to our members and decision makers to enable a robust and contemporary mental health system.
  • Be a collective, representative voice to ensure future sustainability of the sector, the community and the MHCT.
  • Form and support strong networks and collaboration to support sector development and capacity building.
  • Promote the reduction of stigma and champion mental health awareness and the value of good mental health.
  • Influence policy development and implementation in the interests of our members and the needs of the broader population.

Our Values

We actively listen, seek understanding without passing judgement and value the diversity, knowledge and experience we provide offer through our interactions with others.

We respect our role in the collective effort, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with others and acknowledge the importance of supporting each other in our aim to promote better mental health outcomes for all Tasmanians.

We analyse and respond to our constantly changing environment and we encourage work practice that promotes agility, versatility and proactivity.

We lead with integrity to authentically engage and represent our colleagues, stakeholders and the broader community.