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This is the first Federal election since the release of the Productivity Commission’s 2020 inquiry report on Mental Health. The Report recommended place-based solutions and increased coordination of funding between our State and Federal Governments.

The pandemic has had impacts on the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians. But for Tasmanians, through our unique social, economic, and geographical challenges, those impacts have been particularly significant. With these unique challenges come unique opportunities.

The strength of Tasmania’s communities, combined with our care and compassion for each other, puts us in a position to be mental health and wellbeing leaders, and demonstrate to the rest of Australia what can be achieved if we invest in the mental health and wellbeing of our people, no matter where we live, work or play.

As we look towards the future it is time for all sides of politics to demonstrate their commitment to our mental health and wellbeing with appropriate funding, resources, and long-term vision.

The Mental Health Council of Tasmania calls on political leaders to:

  • Commit to and progress the work already underway driving national mental health, suicide prevention and stigma reduction reform across Australia.
  • Respect each jurisdiction’s deep and inherent understanding of their own region’s mental health and suicide prevention needs.
  • Fund place-based, person-centred, equitable and affordable mental health care for every Australian, regardless of their circumstances and location.
  • Prioritise comprehensive state-based mapping of services and demand for psychosocial supports outside the NDIS, as outlined in the National Agreement.


Take a look at the documents below to learn more about the things we need to ensure equitable, accessible mental health care and support for all Australians.

Media Releases:

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MR MHCT release their election wishlist 20042022

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