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Tasmanian Communications Charter: A state-based approach to Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

The Tasmanian Communications Charter brings the community mental health and suicide prevention sector together with the Tasmanian State Government and people with lived experience to promote a common language around mental health, mental illness and suicide in Tasmania – so that together we can work to reduce stigma and promote help-seeking behaviour. The development of a state-based communications charter was identified as a  priority from Tasmania’s Suicide Prevention Strategy 2016-2020.

You can join the Mental Health Council of Tasmania along with many of Tasmania’s leading mental health and suicide prevention sector organisations in speaking together for mental health and suicide prevention. Follow the link below to complete the online training and become a signatory to the charter.

The Safely Talking Toolkit has been developed to guide safe discussions on suicide and suicide prevention. The toolkit was co-developed by MHCT and Everymind with extensive consultation from the mental health and suicide prevention sector. You can use the toolkit and supporting resources to guide safe public discussions about suicide. The toolkit also includes reference to further resources and guides that will assist you in hosting safe discussions.

Safely Talking

Are you planning on holding an event to raise awareness of suicide prevention? The Safely Talking Register contains a list of organisations and individuals who can provide safe community discussions on suicide prevention.